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A Picnic in the Forest

AT THE BEGINNING of the year I remember listing down the things I would love to do more of this year. Among them was read more books, enjoy more picnics, do more writing, more journaling, more road trips…which I’m ashamed to report that I’m failing miserably at by letting life happen to me. Why do we do this to ourselves?


In my defense though, I’ve been pretty good at following through with some of the things in that list on a regular basis. Yay me! 😀

I realized we were already in July one random Sunday afternoon (of course it was a July random afternoon) and I remember feeling quite ashamed of myself! All those Saturday and Sunday afternoons from January through to July and not even one picnic? For shame! What was I doing with my life?

Determined not to be a loser in my own life and at my own game, I quickly grabbed the picnic basket and in it I shoved a picnic blanket, two wine glasses, a few plates and bowls , a bottle of  Rosé wine, some cutlery, a few other essentials like wet wipes and a wine bottle opener, I boiled some hotdogs and we were ready to go sit on the blue and white checkered blanket  in the middle of the forest , to eat, talk, laugh, take beautiful pictures for the proverbial trip down memory lane and wait to catch the beautiful sunset. Oh, I forgot to mention that we had to pass by Carrefour for the fresh Baguettes, buns, donuts, and fruits and some bottled water and the flower shop because flowers are pretty.

That turned to be the perfect day to picnic as it just so happened that there was a  function at the same venue and so we were treated to free, amazing, live music. How lucky!

Well, just to make sure that life doesn’t pass you by like I have shamelessly let it pass me, then here are some tips on successful picnicking in a Nairobi forest.


*Choose a suitable date (Saturday, Sunday, a public holiday) and stick with it.

*Choose who you want to picnic with. (It could be as many people as you want.)

*Choose what kind of picnic you want…barbecue, pizza and beer fest, games picnic…

*Decide where you want to go for your picnic (it could even be in your back yard, your balcony, somewhere by the pool…)

*Decide what you want on your picnic menu.

*Pass by a bakery to pick up fresh pastries (i.e if you didn’t have time to bake your own- which are always the best option anyway).

*Pass by the store to pick up some cheeses, crackers and fruits.


*A picnic basket

*A picnic blanket

*Drink(s) of your choice (If you choose to go with wine go with a bottle of  Rosé wine or a sparkling wine). You can also carry some beers, iced tea, smoothies etc

*Essentials like cutlery, plates, wet wipes, napkins

*A book (if you’re picnicking solo)

*A Bluetooth speaker for some lovely music to go with the mood.

*A fun game (we went with Spot it!)

*A camera.



Enjoy your picnic! And be sure to end your day by catching the beautiful sunset!

As a bonus, here are some reasons why Picnics win!

*Picnics offer you the opportunity of spending time outdoors where there’s plenty of fresh air and with people you care about.

*They offer opportunities  to bond with someone/people away from your usual environment.

*Picnics enable communication.

*They are a mood booster. There is no way you will go to a picnic to sulk at life.

*Picnics are a Stress reliever.

*They offer one the perfect time for self-reflection.

*They help foster healthy eating habits.

*Picnics will always help you stay active.

*They help build stronger bones because… “Hello Vitamin D!!”


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  1. Angel

    I spy with my little eye our dear corkcicle. Lol!
    I should definitely try picnicking. Loved the post!!!

    • Maureen Ojunga

      Yes! Our dear Corkcicle goes everywhere I go 🙂 .Picnicking is so much fun. Yes you should try it sometime. Also, Thank you!

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