Howdy! Welcome to my world! :-)


…but I will also answer to Moe or Mojojojo -secretly my favorite nickname- among others. I love FOREVER. I love what it stands for, I love how it sounds and I love what it means hence the website’s title Forever Moe . The best part is that there’s no changing that and I will be Forever Moe!

This is the point where I should list down all my accolades and achievements but I will dare not bore you with that since I really don’t care for them. In fact the only achievement I am mighty proud of is that I got to live to see 30! In my opinion, the best kinds of awards are the ones you know in your heart that you truly deserve and those that only you know of. The ones that don’t make you look like you are seeking some sort of validation because you know that you are great in your own unique way.  Personal awards for being better than yesterday. For having a strong yet kind heart. For helping to make someone’s  life better. Those ones!

…So instead, I will bore you with this…

I like to think of myself as the introverted version of Carrie Bradshaw, she of the Sex and the City fame. See, Carrie and I have so much in common. We both write columns on relationships and sex (I do my writing HERE) , We both love shoes, we love the idea of love and we love ourselves. Love for reading and writing also just come naturally to us.  We are both 5’3 and if I could have it my way I would always wear my hair in curls. There are many other similarities that could  convince you that Carrie and I are the same person …never mind that she is very white and in her 40’s. Yup! Never you mind at all.

Anthony Capella said it best when he said “Years, Lovers and Glasses of Wine: these things must not be counted.”

Years I will count, because how else will I know that I am growing wiser and fabulous with each special birthday that I get the privilege of celebrating? I wish he added books, replaced Glasses with Bottles  (but I will accept glasses for now:-) ) , smiles and flower stems, to his quote…then it would have been a perfect quote! Well, at least for me.

Books (and shopping for them), Collecting things (also known as hoarding) ,Clean and healthy living, Interior décor, DIYs, Life, Love, Music, Movies, Wine, Christmas (especially Christmas mornings), E.E. Cummings’ poetry, Sex and The City, Grey’s Anatomy (especially the monologues), Gilmore Girls, Ed Sheeran, Regina Spektor, Paulo Coelho, Maya Angelou, My mama, YouTube, My apartment, My shoe collection, The sound of Rain, Umbrellas, Long quiet walks, Beautiful views, Balconies, Benches, Baking, Flowers and Languages…not in that order…These are just a few of my favorite things and these are those things that mostly occupy my mind. At this point I should maybe add that I speak about 30% French, 90% English, 70% Swahili and understand about 90% Dholuo and a can construct a  few comprehensive sentences in Spanish!

I think of myself as a female with a big-ish forehead that sits on a sizable head that accommodates a brain that is like a computer that has about 867 tabs open at any given time. Yup! I am one of those people. I am always thinking, constructing, evaluating ,calculating, making, processing , thinking some more…and this got me thinking… since I have quite the busy mind, why not start a website where I can share some of the thoughts that go on ferociously inside my head?  Who knows, I might even inspire a peep or two plus there could be something new to learn from some of the things I will be sharing on here. Sharing is Caring.


Forever Moe