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Cute Flower Centerpiece in Seconds!

WHEN I WAS a little girl I used to look forward to Saturday mornings not just because I would wake up to watch cartoons as I eat breakfast and go to school- NOT, but also because I expected an old man to knock the door at 9.00am on the button! This old man was our florist and he delivered the most beautiful flowers that would just cheer up your weekend.

The old florist would deliver the flowers and be on his way to brighten up other people’s homes with lovely flowers. My mother had given him the freedom to pick the flowers to deliver to our home  which made her work easier because he did a great job picking the perfect flowers that would last a week. I would then watch my mom arrange the flowers in a vase and then set them on a console or dining table looking all pretty and that’s when my love for flowers bloomed.

As a grown up, every Saturday without fail I find time to pay a visit to the local  florists near my hood to buy  flowers for the week.I buy different types of  flowers every week just so that I can experience all the beauty, cheerfulness and brightness flowers bring. I also enjoy trying out different flower arrangements.

Here’s one of my favorite ,easy to put together flower arrangement.




*A clear vase

*Flowers of your choice +Flower fillers

*4 Oranges (depends on the size of your vase)


*Garden scissors

*A few minutes of your time



*Thinly slice the 4 oranges

*Put water in your vase

*Arrange flowers and fillers and cut the stems to fit in your vase

*Place the flowers  in the middle of the vase

*While still holding the bunch of flowers in position, place your slices of oranges around the flowers and on the edges of the inside of your vase

And voila! Your beautiful fruit, flower arrangement is ready!

PS: This centerpiece is ideal for daytime hosting (lunch or brunch) as it will bring life to your space because of the fruit+flowers+ natural light combination. It is also ideal for brightening your home especially if you a mood boost!





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