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#DIY : Make Your Own HOME Sign

I ALWAYS GET this warm and fuzzy feeling which also brings a random smile to my face whenever it’s time to go home. This feeling is consistent regardless of where I’m going home from and that’s why I truly believe that the best part about being away from home is the feeling of excitement when returning to it. I love returning to my home.

The first thing you will notice when you come to mine is the huge bright sign hanging on the door that says HOME! I love the word Home (what it means and what it stands for) and so I decided to DIY my own personalized Home sign with two of my favorite things on it: The word HOME and three red hearts which I made in under 10 minutes in six easy steps!


*A wooden board

*Black Vinyl Sticker paper

*Red Vinyl sticker paper

*Razor blade

*2 Small Hooks

*A piece of String



1*Trace out  the word HOME (or whatever word /s you want) onto your Black (or whatever color you prefer) Vinyl paper. I turned my “O” into an outline of a home 🙂 .

2*Cut out the outline of your traced word with a sharp razor blade.

3*Stick the cut out word from the vinyl paper onto the board.

4*Repeat Step 1 through 3 with the red love hearts-This is what I preferred to represent the smoke from the chimney of my home 😉 .


5*Attach your Hooks on each side of your wooden board.

6*Braid or twist together approximately 30cm of string (with a thickness of your choice) and tie both ends onto your hooks.

Voila! Your HOME sign is ready!

You can choose to hang your new Home sign anywhere inside your home or if you are like me and like to be greeted by the word HOME before you let yourself in (as if you didn’t already know you live there and always need a reminder that that’s indeed you Home) then by all means hang it outside your main door like I’ve done with mine for all to see.

Good luck!

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