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Easy 3-Ingredient Sparkling Pineapple + Mint juice Recipe

WATER, WINE, SPARKLING Pineapple and Mint juice (in that particular order) are my favorite drinks in the whole wide world! Oh and Kenyan tea -that is, if we include hot beverages. Water and wine are a different story altogether but in a social gathering, if I can’t get/or I’m not allowed to have any of the two drinks Pineapple and Mint juice will definitely be welcome to fill that space. Otherwise, I would rather die of thirst.PINEAPPLE-AND-MINT-6



Pineapples and Mint leaves are special. They contain a ton of health benefits. Ok, maybe not a ton but they are capable of  the following:
*They are packed with vitamins A and C and minerals such as Calcium, phosphorus and Potassium
*They strengthen bones
*They Keep gums healthy
*They help lower the risk of macular degeneration
*They help improve digestion

Mint Leaves:

*Improve oral health
*Are a quick and effective remedy for nausea
*Help clear up congestion of nose, throat and lungs
*Inhibit the release of histamines that cause allergies and hay fever
*Are a natural stimulant as they can offer relief from fatigue and depression
*Help promote digestion

Combine these two ingredients (Pineapple and Mint leaves) and you have a winner! I mean, this juice is not only delicious but healthy too. And have you heard that pineapples have extra special powers? They can help with your natural body odor which can in turn earn you points for smelling sweet. I mean, who wouldn’t want to smell naturally sweet?

Sparkling Pineapple+ Mint Juice recipe:


+1 Pineapple
+1/4 Cup Mint leaves
+Sparkling Water

+Peel your pineapple completely and then slice it up.
+Throw in the cut pieces of pineapple into a juicer (You can use a high speed blender or a food processor if you want all that fiber intact).
+Throw in some mint leaves in your juicer as you juice the last bits of the pineapple.
+Pour the juice in a pitcher and add sparkling water.
+Add crushed ice to the juice and stir it all up.
+Pour into glasses.
+Garnish with mint leaves.

Serve immediately (especially on a very sunny afternoon)


TIP: If you want your juice to appear more green than yellow, just add more mint leaves in step number 3 above.

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