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Let’s Get Hooping!

I AM ROUGHLY 5’3ft tall (or maybe just slightly taller than that), which is considered to be on the shorter side of the height scale but I can live with that. What I cannot live with is the unfortunate fact that my “problem area” is my waist and stomach area plus I happen to have quite a short torso 🙁 . I know you may want to ask “Why does that make it something you cannot live with?”

Well, I’m guessing you’ve probably heard that women with thicker waistlines to hip ratio are at a higher risk of suffering heart attacks, right? Yes, that’s why I’m finding it hard to live with the fact that my waistline could be the cause of some major health problems in the future.
Stomach fat is linked to high blood sugar, increased blood pressure and raised levels of triglycerides which are all major risk factors for heart disease and as you get older, you will realize that it just gets worse if you don’t take care of yourself.

I always try to eat healthy but sometimes juicy burgers and yummy shawarmas happen and because I have to try and stay alive for as long as I can, exercise has to be a part of my life. I mean, I have to live long enough to see my children, their children and their children’s children. Is that too much to ask for? Finding time to work out -especially if your work schedule leaves you with very limited time to sneak in workouts-can be tricky, but knowing what my problem area is helps me pick effective workouts that are also fun.

One fun workout (that’s almost not like a workout) that I love is Hula Hooping. I absolutely love Hooping! Let me just say that hula hoops were made specifically for people like me with short torsos and waistlines as problem areas and the benefits I get from hooping are worth trying to convince you to get hooping as well.

Hula Hooping:

*Helps improve core strength

*Helps strengthen your back muscles

*Improves flexibility, posture and alignment

*Helps to improve, unwind and realign your spine’s strength

*Delivers a cardio-aerobic workout hence accelerates fat burning plus it is good for your heart

*Improves your balance, eye-hand co-ordination and motor skills

*It is a good stress reliever especially when done in a group

*It is a generally fun exercise that always leaves you feeling happy and which when done regularly can work wonders for your overall body. Taut abs anyone?

So shall we get hooping? 😉


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