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My LOVE List (Three)

WHEN I GROW UP I want to be French!” As a little girl, that’s all I ever wanted. That’s all I cared for. I didn’t think as far as whether I wanted to be a French boy or girl, French man or woman, a French bottle of wine or a baguette… All I cared for was to be French! And so I watched French cartoons and read French storybooks and even studied French in school. Then I grew up and while growing up I forgot that I had wanted to be French (talk of identity crisis) and I got content being Luo besides, YOLO (You’re Only Luo Once) right? A few months ago I was going through YouTube and came across this channel which reunited me with my favorite show as a kid MADELINE! Childhood memories came flooding back. I wasted no time subscribing to the channel, watched all the episodes and for a minute there I wanted to be French again and go to a boarding school somewhere in Paris. Oh the dreams I had as a kid! Let’s just say that I MUST visit France one of these days of 2017.I just have to figure out how I will make USD10, 000 first!

*I’m a SOCKS Lover! Yes, you read that right! 😀 . My sister who lives in the States owns the cutest, happiest, most colorful pairs of SOCKS. The socks, she says help her get through winter days and nights. A few years ago while she was visiting, she brought with her a pair of colorful, rainbow socks which I fell in love with. Their bright colors made my heart smile. I tried to make her give them to me but it turned out that she loved them too and they had been the only pair she had brought with her on the trip. So I vowed to look for my own perfect pair of happy/fun socks and while on the hunt I got myself very many pairs of happy /fun socks. I may have overdone it though because I now own close to 100 pairs of happy socks and counting. It’s an obsession I tell you. If you follow me on Instagram then you already know that I have a special Sunday segment known as #SockSunday dedicated to socks and if you’ve been wondering why the hell I have such a huge collection of socks… well, that’s the story of how my socks fetish came about 😉 .

PS: I cannot stand wearing socks with shoes. yuck! However, I love lounging around and wandering about the house in happy-looking socks especially on those cold, dull days.

*Last year was not a particularly easy year for me. In fact, it was a very confusing year but I challenged myself to try my best to cope with my situation. While thinking of ways to make things bearable I thought back to the days when I was young and saw only the good in the world. Never mind that the only world I knew at the time was Nairobi (and yes I used to think Nairobi was the whole world). Back in those days I had a Swede PENPAL and I enjoyed every bit of our correspondence. It was then that I came to the realization that Nairobi was not really the whole world but that there was a huge world out there and you needed to get on a plane if you wanted to see it.
Anyway, while I was thinking of ways to cope with life, I remembered how happy I would be to receive mail from my penpal and how exciting it all was to learn about another world that was far, far away and so I went online and signed up for penpals. A couple of people from all over the world wrote to me but one person stood out for me. This girl from Finland who I think needed to be in my life years ago because sometimes I can swear we are twins who got separated at birth. She is so much fun and bubbly and hilarious and we have so much in common. Reading from her gives me life!

#PANCAKES make me happy! Especially pancakes made by Him on Sundays…om nom nom! (I’m salivating just thinking about it). His pancakes plus Canadian maple syrup? YES PLEASE! Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed with pancakes but I never liked my own pancakes and I always thought they lacked something. So when I met someone who can whip up delicious pancakes effortlessly, I kept him! 😀 .

*In the near future I want one room in my home turned into a library with all sorts of amazing BOOKS from my favorite authors and other authors I am yet to discover arranged neatly on a wall to wall bookshelf. I will then force early retirement on myself so that I can spend quality time in that room. I can already picture it! 😀 .
I love books! That’s no secret. I love new books and I love old books. I love buying them, I love reading them, I love seeing them and smelling them and I particularly love it when they are all mine I know that if they are well cared for, books can last forever and they could be passed from generation to generation. In fact last year, I splurged more on books than on anything else and I didn’t feel guilty because I have a plan.

*One of my favorite pastime shows is Lip Sync Battle. I watch it mostly because of Chrissy Teigen. She is super silly and I love silly. Her goofiness gets me all the time. My friend once texted to tell me Chrissy Teigen’s goofiness on Lip Sync battle reminds her of me … Lol. That’s a side of me only people who are really close to me get to see. Speaking of Lip Sync battle there are episodes I watch over and over and never get tired of the performances. If I were to pick my top 6 fave Lip Sync-ers they would have to be:

* Jenna Dewan Tatum

* Channing Tatum

* Anne Hathaway

* Eva Longoria

* Zoe Saldana

* Jason Derulo

*Still on favorite pastime shows, I find James Corden so hilarious! I watch the carpool karaoke faithfully but DROP THE MIC is more my thing. I love how they come up with disses on the spot and just rap it out (something I cannot do to save my life.)On that note, I think Anne Hathaway killed it!

*Some days are obviously better than others and there are those days you just need some positive vibes in your life. Whenever I feel like the world sucks or like I am failing or like there’s no way I’m moving forward, or like I am alone …TERRI SAVELLE FOY to the rescue! I feel like I have become a better person since I discovered her channel. Terri practices whatever she preaches. She has been through it all and her podcasts always leave me feeling like i can do better and be better!

*Whenever I need inspiration, Instagram is it! Instagram is just bae! I am not talking about those selfie-flooded Instagram galleries! I am particularly obsessed with those Instagram feeds that are well thought out and organized. Those with organized posts of books, or food, or Interiors, or travel, or fashion, or weddings, or lifestyle tastefully done and organized… now those are obsession worthy feeds. Some of my favorite Instagram feeds include :

@ColormeCourtney, @homepolish , @Inspire_Me_Home_Decor@Housebeautiful ,@songofstyle , @garypeppergirl , @lumadeline, @homemadeishappiness , @vivaluxury , @parisianfloors, @Ihavethisthingwithbikes , @symmetrybreakfast, @marthastewart

*I have this Corkcicle canteen in the most gorgeous peach color that I’m absolutely OBSESSED with. It goes everywhere I go. Here’s why: I happened to be in Kisumu for a few days during the December holidays and we all know how hot Kisumu can get so there’s need for constant hydration.

So there I was , bringing my CORKCICLE CANTEEN with me everywhere I went because at that point I knew it was just another classy vessel I could carry water in. That was until one very HOT day when I went into Kisumu town to grab a few things from the supermarket. I left my Corkcicle canteen which contained chilled white wine in it. I thought shopping would take just a few minutes but it turned out the whole of Kisumu had decided to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Gah! Grabbing a few things ended up with me queueing for almost an hour as the endless snake-like queues were just not moving! When I got back to the car- which was packed under the scorching sun, everything was boiling HOT! Including the Corkcicle canteen but when I took a sip of the wine to quench my thirst, I was shocked to find out it was still as chilled as when I got it out of the fridge. There and then dear brethren, I fell in love with my Corkcicle canteen . Here’s the thing , the canteen can keep liquids hot for 12 hours and cold liquids remain chilled for wait for it…24 hours! How cool is that? They come in a variety of amazing colours  and sizes to choose from and if a canteen is not for you then a Corkcicle Tumbler will definitely do it for you.

*I love taking care of my health and as much as possible I will always try to eat and drink only the things I know have some nutrition value. I have always loved green tea but when I discovered Korean Brown rice green tea my green tea game changed for the best! 😀 .
We all know green tea contains beneficial minerals and vitamins as well as Cancer risk-lowering abilities, add brown rice to the mix and have it shipped from Korea and dear friend, you have added a few health secrets under your belt. You can get this amazing tea from Korean_Products_In_Kenya for only ksh 1500 for 100 tea bags. While at it you could bag yourself some Korean facemasks. Your face will thank you and once that happens you can Thank me! 😉

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  1. Wairimu

    You are like me! Growing up I loooooved loved reading and I went yo all these cities in my mind. I went to Paris, New York, London Fashion week as well. And I went to Verona, Rome and fell in love with Italy. And I wanted to write and own a cabin in the woods, just me and my typewriter. 😀 I want to collect books again. And go to Paris.

  2. Wairimu

    Oh and The Tatums’ Lip Sync Battle was straight 🔥🔥!

  3. Diana oginga

    Hey moe,live your articles so much they inspire me and make me want to read more and more about you…
    The happy socks have made my evening…can’t wait to get some for myself….
    Thanks for giving me a ray of sunshine whenever I need it…
    Ps..sorry about the toughwyear last year ,I also had a tough one but we get stronger each day…

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