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Simple Wall Art Made From Gift Wrapping Paper

DO YOU sometimes find that staring at a plain ol’  wall can produce no results?…And how so boring is that?  It also doesn’t help that beautiful paintings and wall Arts that we would want to hang all over our walls are so expensive.5

Well, as much as sometimes I prefer to have plain, clean walls,  I find myself from time to time needing something to stare at, especially when I need motivation from a wall (because that is so normal). So  you can imagine how excited I was  when I found this gift wrapping paper with the most motivating words -which also happen to be my kind of words- in a store.  I knew immediately that I wanted to make a wall art for my home office which I can be staring at when those times for wanting to stare at a wall for motivation arise.


*A gift wrapping  Paper

*A canvas board

*Tape or Glue

*A pair of Scissors

*5 minutes of your time




  • Place your wrapping paper over the canvas to get your measurements.
  • Cut off excess paper but remember to leave at least 5cm of paper all round so that you have paper to fold over the sides of your canvas.
  • Fold the edges neatly and apply glue to stick all around the canvas.
  • Go over the glued parts with tape so that it is firm enough.

Your inexpensive Wall Art is ready!

The best part is that you can easily change the wrapping paper whenever you feel like a new wall art look is due or you can re-use the canvas and paint on it later since the painting surface remains untainted.





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