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The New Year Package


I know we are already deep into the month of January. I mean, it’s already the 18th which makes the year still new yet not so new. Towards the end of last year, a friend of mine sent me a “questionnaire” which she calls “The New Year Package” that she goes through every year  to review her “year that was”. She uses this questionnaire to gauge how good or how bad or how average her year was based on all aspects of her life. From “the new year package” she is able to identify what she did wrong, what she did right and what she needs to improve on in the coming year. It is more like taking stock of your year and it is best done on every 31st day of December.

Well, my friend challenged me to fill in the New Year Package questionnaire and I was up for a fun challenge! Only that I got so caught up doing this and that and before I knew it, it was 18th January 2017 😐 .

So, as much as I know I’m late with this, I’m still going to go ahead and do it. So let’s do this!

1. Have you made new friends  this year?


2. Have you done something, you’ve never done before this year?


3. Have you been in a relationship  this year?


4. Share a few special memories from this year?

*I realized that prayers really do work!

*My friends and strangers alike really came through for me when I lost my mum.

*Friend’s folks offering to be my parents now that I have none.

*Re-uniting with the person I believe is the Love of my Life! 🙂

5. Have you been in fights with your friends this year?

YES (one)

6. Have you changed during this year?


7. Have you gained weight?


8. Who was the most special new person you’ve met this year?

HIM (…and I’m not talking about Him from Powerpuff Girls 🙂 )

9. Did anyone close to you give birth this year ?


10. Did anyone close to you pass on this year?


11. Which countries did you visit during this year?

The UAE, Tanzania

12. What do you wish for 2017, which didn’t happen in 2016?

To get super fit and healthier

13. Which dates will you remember about 2016?




14. What was the biggest achievement of 2016?

My broken heart survived 2016!

15. What was the biggest disappointment of 2016?

I lost my beloved Mama 🙁

16. Best thing you bought?


17. Who would you like to Thank the most about 2016?

HIM! 🙂

18. Whose actions were the most disappointing?

The friend I fell out with

19. Where did you spend most of your money?

In Bookstores

20. What made you the most excited about 2016?

I got to travel within Kenya to places I had never been!

21. Are you sadder or happier than a year ago?


22. Richer or Poorer?

Wiser. Lol

23. What do you wish you would have done more of?

Exercise and Writing

24. What do you wish you would have done less of?


25. If you could change one thing about the year 2016 and re-do it, what would that be?

Can you bring my mama back and erase the part where she left us?

26. What was your favorite TV-programme this year?

Grey’s Anatomy and Gilmore Girls

27. Do you dislike anyone you didn’t a year ago?

Yes. Some stupid, rude, unfair, selfish, money-minded Carpenter I worked with on a project!

28. The best book you read?

Things I want my Daughters to Know by Elizabeth Noble

29. Your favorite discovery in music?

Sia :-*

30. What did you want and got?

I wanted my friend to carry her difficult pregnancy to full term and she did!

31. What did you want and didn’t get?

For my mum to live!

32. Your favourite movie this year?

Finding Dory 🙂

33. How did you spend your birthday?

Taking pictures and scoffing down pizza and wine with my sister and my niece

34. Who did you miss?

My mama

35. What or who made your life easier?

God, Books, Instagram (all those beautiful Instagram profiles with breathtaking well thought-out pictures) and of course HIM!

36. How many persons did you kiss this year?


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