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Wine+Pizza : Pairing A Meat Deluxe Pizza With Wine

Wine is heaven and pizza is another heaven so they definitely go well together. Some people will tell you that you shouldn’t pair wine with pizza because beer already claimed pizza but I disagree with such people because mostly beer is yuck!


I love Wine and I love pizza especially fresh pizza straight from the oven at a cozy pizzeria. Sluuurp! And I found that a cheesy Meat Deluxe Pizza with Cabernet Sauvignon is a match made in Pizza and Wine heaven.
This is because Cabernet Sauvignon is a strong, full bodied, dark red wine and will pair perfectly with the different flavors of your meats. A Shiraz/Syrah is also an option that will pair well with your Meat Lover pizza because it is a strong wine as well. It is also best to drink your Cab Sauv with food because otherwise it would be a little overwhelming on your palette as it is quite acidic, contains tannins and has a higher  alcohol content. The food will help tone all that down a notch.

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